Claim for Death Benefits
The Golden Life Insurance Company pays claims for the Macro Insurance(Individual,Takaful,Alfalah) and the Micro Insurance(Bandhu,GDPS,Mudaraba,IDPS,Greho Kallyan) Life Insurance Program through its administrative office. The amount on a life insurance policy or pension that is payable to the beneficiary when the annuitant passes away.

Who receives the death benefits?

How will I receive benefits?

What else do I have to submit?
In addition to the following claim form, you must submit a certified copy of the deceased's death certificate that contains the cause and manner of death (however, if you know for sure that another claimant is submitting the deceased's death certificate, you don't have to). You can get the certificate from your city or villge or equivalent agency. Golden Life cannot process your claim until it receives the certified death certificate. Please submit an English translation of any foreign language death certificate. In addition, send to Golden Life all Designation of Beneficiary Form(s) that you may have which show the agency receipt date on the bottom. If you are an executor or administrator filing this claim on behalf of the deceased's estate, send Golden Life a copy of the court appointment papers. Golden Life will let you know if it needs anything else

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